December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve and Day

(Five) Eleven shots for Christmas Eve and Day 2010

1. Christmas Ball

2. Cafe Lisboa's Really Good Blueberry Cheesecake
3. On The Way to San Ma Lo - For some shopping :D

Still on the way :D

The Christmas Day Crowd

4. Doraemon!!! - The latest addition to my collection, as well as a coin bank which I brought on the same store. Plus a key chain my sister gave me as a Christmas gift :D

Unfortunately these are out of my budget - but their really cute I just had to take pictures

So cute!!!

5. San Ma Lo - Ruins of St. Paul

A Church I forgot the name of

City of Dreams Tour (Macau Day 2)

The Vquarium at City of Dreams, Macau - a giant screen behind a thin layer of falling water. It shows underwater scenes with mermaids in between giant casino ads in Chinese. LOL

The Bubble Fountain - Not to be confused with the Bubble Show :D

Peking Ducks???


Tickets to the Bubble Show Dragon's Treasure - Admission is Free

The opening sequence of Dragon's Treasure

Dragon's Treasure - Jellyfish scene

City of Dreams Facade - on our way home

We're not exactly lost

 View from the bus

December 23, 2010

Five Pictures for Day 1 in Macau

1. Reservatorio - The sun is right above me but it's 19 Degrees out. So I wear my jacket :D

2. Am I at the Water Cube in Bejing? - Nope, its actually a Casino

3. Bulls Eye Santa? - I don't quite get this but I like it

4. The "Water Cube" At Night

5. Temperature & Humidity

Let's See If This'll Work

I was blog-surfing a few days ago and I found this:

So, being the tamad that I am, I'll try and follow his lead. Write five things, maybe not everyday, and maybe with weekends. LOL. So here goes.

1. Macau - Me, my sisters, brother and Doraemon (see item #2) are here in Macau for the Holidays at our Mom's place. This is the second time were spending Christmas here and the cold weather and anonymity out on the streets are a nice change from the heat and familiarity of Manila. We'll spend New Years Eve here as well and head back to the 3rd World right the next day.

2. Doraemon - I brought along my very first Doraemon stuffed toy from my still humble collection to start this little project I've been meaning to do for quite a while. Take pictures of him around significant places and tourist spots that I've also been to. You see, I love Doraemon. How he would always have a solution to everything and he never backs down from any obstacle he and his friend Nobita is faced with. And the pictures I'd be taking would be a sort of constant reminder to never forget Doraemon's teachings wherever I go :D


3. Ben - So sad that we left Ben at home. All alone. Not literally though as our house help are there with him but still... my sister couldn't help but get teary eyed (literally) as we drove off from the house in a cab.

4. Miming and Kooting - Left them, my little "mag-ina", at home as well. It would've been ok if the mother-and-son cats and Ben get along well, but unfortunately, they don't. I just hope Kooting would still recognize me when I get back.


5. Christmas Gifts - GRRR!!! The only gift I was able to bring here in Macau is for my mom's. They're all made to order gifts and I didn't know that we had to leave early way ahead of the time that I would be able to claim them. Oh well, I guess I'll just give the rest once we're back in Manila.

November 6, 2010

The Walking Dead Asian TV Premiere

All I can say is WHOA!!! That first episode was badass!

I have to admit though that it was not as scary as the other Zombie flicks I've seen in the past. Not as gory and brutal (well perhaps that's because of the PG editing) but it sure has its own kind of fright. Plus the fact that this is mainly a drama series than a horror series.

Can't wait to find out more about how in the world did that guy's wife end up with his partner after all the chaos that must have been happening. LOL! Plus I don't quite remember whether it was revealed how long the guy was in coma. Hmmm.